URC® concentrated fruit pieces, flakes & filling pastes are ideal for inclusion in hot, cold and ready-to-eat cereal applications.
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For Cereals

Widely regarded as a “smart snack”, cereal products are being eaten from breakfast to bedtime. Add positive nutrition and flavour to every mouthful with URC® fruit pieces, flakes and pastes.

URC® fruit inclusions offer unique functionality in cereal based products because of the low water activity. Controlled moisture migration means fruit piece or filled centre will stay soft, moist and delicious while the dry cereal will remain crisp and crunchy.

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URC® Pieces & flakes

Fruit has natural healthy appeal and URC® real fruit inclusions provide a unique solution to adding popular and exotic fruits, flavour blends and value-added nutrition to your cereal products.

The range of dice sizes of URC® pieces and flakes ensures even product distribution and provides unique texture and flavour contrast to a range of ready-to-eat and hot cereals.

URC® Pastes

URC® filling pastes have been specially designed for co-extruded cereal pillow concepts. The superior bake stability and low water activity of the high fruit formulations enable manufacturers to deliver soft fruit centres with a crunchy cereal outer shells.

Innovative flavour concepts and ingredient formulations including ‘No Added Sugar’ pastes which feature low GI levels and high nutritional content, enable on-pack fruit labelling and nutritional health claims.